Unity 3D Game Development Course

Certification Course - Online and Classroom modes
Classes by our CTO Udayshankar R, PCAP


Module 1: Introduction to Unity and game development

Introduction to the Unity editor and its interface

Setting up a project and importing assets

Basic game object manipulation and scene layout

Module 2: Scripting in C#

Introduction to programming concepts and the C# language

Creating basic scripts and attaching them to game objects

Responding to user input and creating simple gameplay mechanics

Module 3: Prefabs and object instantiation

Understanding prefabs and how to create and use them

Instantiation and object pooling techniques

Scripting object spawning and destruction

Module 4: Animations and particle systems

Working with Unity's animation system

Creating and controlling particle systems

Adding visual effects to game objects

Module 5: Cameras and lighting

Setting up and controlling multiple cameras in a scene

Understanding different types of lights and their uses

Adding post-processing effects to the camera

Module 6: Physics and collisions

Setting up and configuring physics components in Unity

Detecting and responding to collisions

Working with triggers and collision layers

Module 7: User interfaces (UI)

Creating and designing user interfaces with Unity's UI system

Displaying and updating text and images on the screen

Responding to user input on UI elements

Module 8: Audio and sound effects

Adding audio to game objects and scenes

Controlling audio playback and volume

Creating and implementing sound effects

Module 9: Advanced scripting concepts

Working with classes and object-oriented programming

Coroutines and asynchronous programming

Serialization and saving game data

Module 10: Final project development

Putting everything learned in the course into practice by creating a complete game

Implementing gameplay mechanics and features

Playtesting and debugging

Game Publishing

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