Make your own digital thermometer

All you have to do is assemble it following our video tutorial!

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Portable Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

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advAIsa Small Business AI Chat Kiosk
advAIsa Small Business AI Chat Kiosk

advAIsa & kAIoska

advAIsa - Small Business Multilingual AI Chat Kiosk / Front office assistant - Prompt tuned on the business's details such as products and recommendations. Can act as a sales consultant or front office assistant and chat with the customer. Uses advAIsa Android app on Kiosk mode, where the app is pinned to the phone or tablet and is integrated with ChatGPT through the business's own OpenAI, Google Cloud accounts (translate, STT and TTS services).

kAIoska - Large Business / Government Multilingual AI Chat Kiosk - Best for large data / Government information kiosks like medical kiosks, banking kiosks, etc. For businesses looking for data safety and hyper customizability. Call answering and forwarding, email replying and forwarding also can be added.

The AI model is hosted on own servers or using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. Microsoft Government Cloud can also be used. Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service uses Azure Blob Storage and Cognitive Search with GPT 3.5. A LLaMA 2 70b model trained on business data and fine-tuned with RLHF can also be used.



Cabin Bag converting seat into a flat sleeping surface. Now you do not have to fear economy seats on long haul flights.

Price: 12,000.00 INR (Ex. GST 18%)

2 weeks lead time. Free shipping within India.